Calling The Called-Upon

Who is Umbilicus For?

  • coaches

    life coaches, personal, relationship, financial, fitness, athlete/sport, nutritional, sexual, emotional, trauma/crisis, spiritual, therapists, practitioners... those professionally devoted

  • caregivers

    parents, eldercare, childcare, friends and family of mental health, community volunteers, personal support for crisis... those personally devoted

  • leaders

    entrepreneurs, teachers, mentors, sponsors, volunteers, board members, managers, community, charity, front line, military ... those purposefully devoted

... what about you ? ...

You have people in your life that need you, you are who they turn to, you are who they rely on, you are who they call upon. But the most important thing to you, is having enough to give. This course will provide you with that through:

  • understand yourself in deeper ways

  • challenge expectations and establish own evaluations

  • reconnect to your own authority and sense of belonging

  • release external attachments and and connect to internal value

  • expand your unique impact and offerings for greater satisfaction

  • set a pace for the long run

... how will we do this? ...

This will start as a private course with direct interactions with Kori via email. Then we will come together in a supportive group setting. The timeline of this will keep us on track for the full benefits of the process.


  • Week 1-4 ~ Private work with Kori

  • Week 5-6 ~ Application as a group

  • Online Course Curriculum, Videos, Emails, 1:1 Sessions, Group Sessions, Group Support

I see you ...

through all of the waves, the recessions, pivots, the noise, the protests, the chaos, the shapeshifting, the restrictions, the divisions, the heartbreaks, the deficiencies ... you are still trying to hold a space for your people to lean on you ...

  • you are exhausted and your tolerance is low

  • you are piecing together what you can, to give a little more

  • you are overwhelmed with the enormity of the chaos

  • you don't have enough to give your own friends and family

  • you feel unseen and alone

  • you are noticing unhealthy choices

  • you don't even know if you can do this anymore, never mind do it better ...

  • you would like to receive a little - guilt free

What is Umbilicus?

Umbilicus is the book I wrote that has a 5 step process to being self centered. You will receive an e-book version with the purchase of this course.


This is what you'll need to bring so our work together can be most effective

  • Study - be ready to learn through journaling and self reflection

  • Schedule - make time and space for you to be able to dive in uninterupted

  • Security - $357 committed to yourself and the devotion to your people




  • Umbilicus Journal Guide

    You will also receive a Journal Guide PDF with the Umbilicus steps to implement and maintain your self centering.

  • A Token of Thanks

    When you have completed the course, you will received a package in the mail with gifts tailored to you and your service to others

while you're thinking about it ...

Send me your email and I'll make sure you get the latest updates while you decide.

email me anytime...

Umbilicus With Kori

I respect your investment and want this to be a meaningful experience for you. I also respect that our circumstances aren't always financially supportive, so if you don't want to miss this opportunity and are deeply committed to the process, then please reach out.


  • What if I'm not good at homework or email?

    I completely understand that there are a million different learning styles. You can submit your processing however works best for you - this is between you and I so we can come up with a system where you will benefit the most.

  • What will the private section be like?

    Thursday you will receive a new drop of content to access at your own pace. Mondays you will need to submit your email homework so I can respond fully by Wednesday.

  • What will the group section be like?

    We will co-create a meeting format that suits the needs of those that join. This isn't about exposure or pressure, but community and connection. We will make sure everyone is comfortable.

  • Would this be considered a tax right off?

    You will have to check with your accountant, but if you have your own business, you would be able to classify this as professional development for we will be working on how to better serve your clients.

  • Do you have any financial flexability?

    If you feel this course is something that you would benefit from but your circumstances aren't supportive, then please let me know, we can work something out.