What you'll learn

Though this class is more of developing a perspective, you will walk away with a few things that will help with your centering.

  • The four elements of self centering

  • How the four elements work with our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness

  • How to use the elements to create balance and satisfaction

  • More about who you are and how you need your life to flow

  • How to design a custom routine for your own lifestyle

  • How to filter through unique circumstances and goals

What you'll get

IN order to support your learning of the four elements of self centering, you will also receive

  • workbook to scratch it out

  • opportunity to apply your design through the day to week to month to seasons

  • open coaching support from me to ask questions along the way

  • invitation to work with me to create a personalize system if you need extra guidance.

Payment Options

These courses are about your wellness, so there are different options to make sure they are available to everyone.

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    If you aren't comfortable using credit card or need another option, I can manually enroll you. Just email me and we'll get you set up