Course Updates

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Extra Support

  • feeling stuck

    These classes are designed for private processing. One on one coaching that is affordable and flexible is always available to accompany these courses, if you need a little guidance

  • squad goals

    Customized private classes are also available if you have a group of friends or colleagues, or members of a project, or a workshop/event. This will include group discussion and coaching participation

  • ideas

    If you have ideas for a filter or theme, or ways that these courses could expand, your feedback is always appreciated.

Welcome to My Online Classes

All of my classes and coaching sessions are designed to be casual and self propelled for your own autonomy


If you have any questions at all, or ideas of how I can expand relevance to you, please let me know. These courses are designed for private reflection - if you would like to see how they apply to you and step into coaching one on one, then please don't hesitate to contact me.